Red Kayak
red kayak
100 Important Questions from Red Kayak

1)    What precautions had the state taken against the watermen?
2)    What was the weather like the day that Brady had to search for Ben?
3)    Who is the Miss Amanda named for?
4)    Where was Brady told to first look for the kayak and Ben?
5)    Brady had been in the newspaper one time before he was in for saving Ben, why?
6)    Who was the first to tell Brady that Ben may not end up ok?
7)    What was the title of Ben’s article?
8)    Who told Brady that Ben had died?  Where did they tell him?
9)    What poster did Brady, J.T., and Digger all have in their bedroom?
10)    What was a comfort for Brady’s mother and a tribute to Amanda?
11)     What did Brady and his dad use for bait to catch the crabs?
12)     What did Brady call where he drove his dad’s boat?
13)     How many bushels of crabs did Brady and his dad catch?
14)     How did Brady “flip out”?
15)     How did Carl say Ben die?
16)    What did mom hear from someone at the grocery store?
17)    What was dad missing from his shop?
18)    Why was dad under a lot of pressure?
19)    Why didn’t dad want to go to the DiAngelos?
20)    Why hadn’t Mr. Marcellus DiAngelo com back?
21)    Why did mom say Mrs. DiAngelo might be getting sick all the time?
22)    What did Brady find behind the boathouse?
23)    Why was Digger mad about the DiAngelos’ living where they did?
24)    What part did Brady have in the kayak accident?
25)    Who are the “chicken people”?
26)    Who was the first to tell Brady about the kayak accident?
27)    Where did Brady confront Digger?
28)    What did Digger bring to the shore when Mr. DiAngelo caught the boys?
29)    What did Digger want Brady to do with the drill?
30)    What was in Digger’s yard that made Carl slow down?
31)    Why was the police car most likely at Diggers?
32)    Which ceremony would Digger miss at school that day?
33)    Brady stood up twice during the graduation ceremony, why?
34)    How did Brady describe going out of Baltimore on the train?
35)    What is J.T.’s real name?
36)    What is Digger’s real name?
37)    Who saved Brady’s life on the cow pond during an ice hockey game?
38)    Carl told Brady once about hypothermia, what did he say?
39)    Where did Brady’s cousin’s pick him up on the train?
40)    Brady was looking at some pictures and he found a picture of a baby whom he did not recognize, who was the baby?
41)    Where was J.T.’s father while Brady was in Rhode Island?
42)    Who was J.T.’s bully?
43)    Brady held a secret in his wallet, what was it?
44)    What is Brady’s all-time favorite meal?
45)    What are sponge crabs?
46)    How long did Brady take off from working with Mrs. DiAngelo?
47)    Who came home on the forth of July?
48)    Why was it weird for Brady to be at the Rock Hall Marina?
49)    Mom was worried about Dad not going to the waterman’s protest, why?
50)    What happened when Brady was talking to Amanda’s picture?
51)    What happened after Mom found Brady with Amanda’s picture?
52)    What did Brady’s mom hand him from the candy dish on the mantel?
53)    Why can’t Digger be his dad’s kidney donor?
54)    What movie did Carl and Brady rent?
55)    What is the “wrong thing for the bay”?
56)    What did Brady ask his dad to help him with?
57)    What tool did they need to pull up the kayak?
58)    What did Dad think the kayak was in?
59)    What did they pull up first?
60)    Why did they have to end up hauling in the kayak?
61)    After the kayak fell on Dad and Brady, what did they both realize?
62)    Who was the first person Dad called after he told Mom?
63)    Who was Brady’s lawyer?
64)    If convicted how long might Digger and J.T. have to stay in the juvenile system?
65)    What is Brady’s full name?
66)    The lawyer told Brady he may be subpoenaed in court to be a what during the trial?
67)    What was one thing Brady liked about Mr. Anderson?
68)    How did the court refer to Digger and J.T.?
69)    What was the name of the judge?
70)    What was Digger and J.T. on trial for?
71)    What did Digger’s father say about their lawyer?
72)    There was no jury, so who decides what will happen during the trial?
73)    Brady wanted to pay his family back for the lawyers fee, how much was the first amount he gave?
74)    Where did Tiny Tim end up living?
75)    Digger and J.T. were sentenced to what?
76)    Brady remembered Ben saying something about the Lion King, what was it?
77)    What happened to Brady three days before ninth grade?
78)    Mr. Anderson knew Digger’s lawyer, what did he think of him?
79)    At the trial, Digger and J.T. decided to what?
80)    This meant what?
81)    What did Digger say during the trail that surprised everyone?
82)    The DiAngelos were not in court but they sent in what?
83)    Other than Digger and J.T., someone else was brought up during the trial, who?
84)    What did Digger’s lawyer call the entire accident?
85)    J.T. made the first statement in court, what did he say sorry for first?
86)    What did Digger say about who should take the blame?
87)    How did Digger say he got J.T. to come with him that day?
88)    During the trial Digger turned around and said something about Brady, what?
89)    What did Digger say to his mom?
90)    Who started crying after Digger finished talking?
91)    During the trail, Brady came up with a good oxymoron, what was it?
92)    The judge said that Digger had what towards J.T. to participate?
93)    The judge said the boys must learn what?
94)    What was the boy’s sentence?
95)    What was hardest for Brady to see?
96)    What did the DiAngelos decide to do?
97)    The garden was gone, what did the realitor say was why?
98)    Who gave Brady an update about J.T.?
99)    What are Brady and his dad building?
100) What do they want to name it?

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