Dr. Elsie Walker

Associate Professor, Film Studies

Coeditor, Literature/Film Quarterly


Department of English,

Salisbury University

1101 Camden Avenue

Salisbury, Maryland

MD 21801

phone: 410 677 5329

email: emwalker@salisbury.edu



I co-run the Film Concentration program within the Department of English at Salisbury University.

I won the Teacher of the Year award from the Fulton School of Liberal Arts for 2010-2011.

My regular courses include: Introduction to Film, Film Genre, International Cinema, and Film Theory.

I also teach more specialist courses about soundtracks and film noir.

I am currently working on a book about film sound tracks that is under contract with Oxford University Press (forthcoming in 2014).

I co-edit a prestigious journal that we create right here at Salisbury University,
Literature/Film Quarterly.

I am also the proud mother of a little girl named Charlotte Hope.

For more information on our Film Concentration, click here, or feel free to contact me directly.

In case you're considering a degree in film studies, wondering what that means, or even questioning what it leads to professionally, please refer to my statement about the Film Concentration at Salisbury University: here you'll find information on the skills you'll gain and develop through our courses, as well as finding out about what many of our recent graduates are achieving by applying what they have learned.

In the fall of 2013 I am teaching Introduction to Film and Film Genre.

Next semester, I am teaching International Cinema, Film Theory, and Hearing Cinema (a course on sound tracks).




University of Sheffield, U.K.: PhD in English Literature

Dissertation title: Meaning by Shakespeare on Film


University of Sheffield: Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Tertiary Teaching Qualification)


University of Auckland, N.Z.: MA in English Literature (First Class Honors)

Dissertation title: Jane Austen on Screen


University of Waikato, N.Z.: BA in English and Music



Forthcoming (Peer-Reviewed) Publication



Book: Understanding Sound Tracks Through Film Theory (Oxford University Press)



Editorial Work and Peer-Reviewed Publications


From 2003-

Literature/Film Quarterly: various editorial roles: I am, as of January 2005, Co-Editor-in-Chief (with Dave Johnson) for this internationally-recognized, MLA-listed publication of approximately 80 pages per issue, published four times annually at Salisbury University.



Guest Editor: Music and the Moving Image (University of Illinois Press), summer special issue on pedagogy.



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Book chapter entitled "Julie Taymor's Titus (1999), ten years on," in Shakespeare on Screen: The Roman Plays, edited by Sarah Hatchuel and Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin (France: Publications des Universites de Rouen et du Havre), pp.23-66.


Book: Conversations with Directors: An Anthology of Interviews from Literature/Film Quarterly, co-edited (including a co-authored introduction) with David T. Johnson (Scarecrow Press).


Book chapter entitled "Pop Goes the Shakespeare: Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" in The Literature/Film Reader: Issues of Adaptation, edited by Peter Lev and James M. Welsh (Scarecrow Press), pp.125-48: this chapter is an enlargement of my original essay published in 2000, including extracts from my interview with Mr. Luhrmann.


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International Conference Papers



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