Home Page for Dr. Fred Kundell

Dr. Fred Kundell
Professor of Chemistry
Henson School
of Science and Technology
Salisbury University

Welcome to my home page. Below you will find course information, research interests, and some links of (potential) interest.

My email address is fakundell@salisbury.edu

Course Information for the Fall 2011 semester.

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CHEM 109

Energy and the Environment 
Fall Semester


CHEM 121

General Chemistry I 
Spring Semester


CHEM 122

General Chemistry II 
Spring Semester


CHEM 341

Physical Chemistry I 
Fall Semester



CHEM 441

Advanced Experimental 
Fall Semester



My Research Interests

I am actively involved in research in the following areas.

1)    I am using computational chemistry to study the origin of life. 


2)    I have been actively involved in developing and up-dating experiments for Advanced Experimental Chemistry. Several of my articles have appeared in the Journal of Chemical Education.

    One of my present projects is to introduce our senior majors to polymer chemistry.  Over the last several years we have developed a polymer segment for the Fall semester of our Advanced Experiment Chemistry course (CHEM441).  I wrote a survey polymer text to accompany this segment.  "The Polymer Primer, A Modular Introduction to Polymer Science" was published by The Journal of Chemical Education On Line in the Spring 2005.


Some Chemistry Links Which May Be Useful

   The SU Chemistry Home Page:

        SU Chemistry

   The following three links have great information about the elements:


   This link high-lights many important compounds:

        The Molecule of the Month

   Here are some professional chemistry links:

        The American Chemical Society The Journal of Chemical Education