Professor G. E. Keough
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology
Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD  21801

This page last updated on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

About Me

KeoughI joined the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Salisbury in August, 2008. For 30 years prior to that, I was a member of the faculty at Boston College in the Department of Mathematics, serving two terms as its Chair (2001 to 2007) prior to my leaving BC.

Before coming to Salisbury, I had previously taught both mathematics and computer science courses ranging in level from freshman through senior, and through second-year, graduate level on the mathematics side. My time at Salisbury has been focused on freshman and sophomore courses, almost exclusively on the mathematics side, although that range is constantly expanding due to increasing enrollment trends at Salisbury in both mathematics and computer science.

My primary mathematical interests lie in analysis (specifically, operator theory and functional analysis) and the use of technology in mathematics. Beginning in the mid 1990s, I became involved with several technology-related projects and publications with several co-authors on publications involving the use of Maple and Mathematica (John Wiley & Sons). I have also worked on advanced texts titled An Introduction to Analysis (Jones & Bartlett) and An Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory (John Wiley & Sons). You can find out more about these efforts on my publications page.

I've also worked outside academia, including several (albeit dated) consulting stretches with the MITRE Corporation in Bedford, MA, as a Lead Scientist. A (reasonably) current CV contains more detail on all of this.

Current Status

Surprisingly, for me, I am now retired after eight and a half years here in Salisbury. This was truly an unexpected second career, after having served for 30 years at Boston College and having tried retirement once already. Apparently I was not very good at retirement the first time, but I hold very high hopes of achieving success this second time around.

Please let me thank the University, the faculty and staff of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and the students of Salisbury for allowing me the opportunity to have rediscovered what I truly enjoyed about the classroom and mathematics. I have gained not only colleagues and students, but many friends along the way over these last seventeen semesters.

Courses I have Taught Previously at Salisbury

I maintain a record of all courses previously taught at Salisbury, in part to remind myself what I've really been doing, but also in case you're in need of, or just curious about, the syllabus posted in a previous semester. (Apologies for this not being exactly up to date.) You can look at the record for

Henson Science Hall Room 132F
410.543.6467 (my recommendation: use Email!)