image002Henry Bugbee Writings

Miscellaneous Essays (White Book) by Henry Bugbee,
White Book Seminar Notes by Henry Bugbee, and
Index to Inward Morning compiled by Edward Mooney

The White Book: In the late 70ís Bugbee published an informal collection of ten of his essays for use by his students in a seminar he was teaching as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Montana.

Chapter 1: A Venture in the Open

Chapter 2: Thoughts on Creation

Chapter 3: A Way of Reading the Book of Job

Chapter 4:Philosophic Significance of the Sublime

Chapter 5: On Starting with Love

Chapter 6: L'Exigence Ontologique

Chapter 7: L'Recueillement et L'Acueill

Chapter 8: Education and the Style of Our Lives

Chapter 9: Wilderness in America

Chapter 10: Loneliness, Solitude and the Two Fold Way in Which Concern Seems to be Claimed

Seminar Notes in Conjunction with the White Book: Bugbee typed out these notes after each class and distributed them to students at the next class meeting in mimeographed copies.These notes are compiled from one of these copies.

Seminar Notes in Conjunction with the White Book


Index to The Inward Morning: Compiled by Edward Mooney.

Index to The Inward Morning