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John D. Kalb                       
Associate Professor
Department of English                                               
Fulton School of Liberal Arts
Salisbury University
Salisbury, Maryland 21801

Office: 350 Holloway Hall
Email: jdkalb@salisbury.edu

bullet Ph.D. in English: Michigan State University, 1989
bullet M.A. in English: Michigan State University, 1985
bullet B.S. in Ed.: Central Michigan University, 1983

Dissertation "Articulated Selves: The Attainment of Identity and Personal Voice through Language and Story-Telling in Works by Twentieth Century American Authors"

Areas of Interest 
bulletNative American Literature
bullet Ethnic American Literature
bullet Contemporary American Literature

Fall 2016 COURSES

bullet ENGL 253 Short Story
bullet ENGL 385 Ethnic Literature in America

RECENT COURSES and Sample syllabi 
bullet ENGL 370 Latina/o Literature
bullet ENGL 371 Topics in Latina/o Literature: Contemporary Fiction
bullet ENGL 384 Native American Literature
bullet ENGL 389/HONR 311 Topics in Native American Literature: Native American Lit & Art
bullet ENGL 389 Topics in Native American Literature: Louise Erdrich & Sherman Alexie
bullet ENGL 389 Topics in Native American Literature: New & Emerging Writers
bullet ENGL 389 Topics in Native American Literature: Ojibwe/Chippewa Voices
bullet ENGL 486 American Novel III--1945 to Present
bullet ENGL 4/588 Contemporary Trends in American Literature
bullet ENGL 510 Seminar in Literature: Native American Literature

RECENT Conference Papers 
bullet"Letting 'em in: Planets Don't Collide When Lewis Opens the Door in Gansworth's If I Ever Get Out of Here"
bullet"The Dark Humor and Satire of Thomas King's Short Fiction"
bullet"'The Truth' about Truth & Bright Water: Thomas King's Restoration of Indians into the Contemporary Landscape"
bullet"Native American Literature in the Multi-Ethnic Literature Course: A Defense"
bullet“How Useful and User-Friendly Is Treuer’s ‘User Manual’?”
bullet “So Say the Sisters: New Voices in Sister Nations
bullet “Relocation and Dislocation in David Treuer’s Novel The Hiawatha
bullet “Home Improvement and Power Tools: The Surrounded and The Things to Make Life Easy”
bullet “Sherman Alexie’s Unsolved Mystery in Indian Killers : Whodunit? Who Didn’t?"
bullet ”Silko, Hogan, and the Loss of the Landscape"
bullet "Counting Coup: James Welch and American Myths"

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