Kurt Ludwick, PhD - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 410-543-6549
Email: keludwick@salisbury.edu
Zoom Meeting ID: 4105436549

Fall 2020 Online Office Hours
Scheduled office hours are MTW, 2-3 PM; and Thursday, 1-3PM. Iím also available by appointment, and sometimes just randomly on a drop-in basis.


Students and colleagues should feel free to check in anytime, by clicking the Zoom link below. Iíll respond if and only if Iím available to meet, so donít worry about imposing!

Click here anytime to drop by! (Zoom link)



Fall 2020 Classes (all on MyClasses)

         Math 105: Music & Mathematics

         Math 210: Discrete Mathematics

         Math 402: Number Theory

Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science - Henson School of Science and Technology - Salisbury University