K.M.Shannon's Courses:

FALL 2019 Courses:

MATH 210: Discrete Mathematics

MATH 135: College Algebra

MATH 160: Applied Calculus

Here is a complete list of courses for which I've made web sites:

MATH 105: Liberal Arts Mathematics: Quantitative Reasoning and Effective Thinking.

MATH 135: College Algebra

MATH 140: College Algebra and Trigonometry/ Precalculus

MATH 160: Applied Calculus

MATH 200: Mathematics and Culture

MATH 201: Calculus I

MATH 202: Calculus II

MATH 210: Discrete Mathematics

MATH 300: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MATH 311: Differential Equations

MATH 451 & 452: Analysis I & II

MATH 460: Operations Research

Math 471: Numerical Methods

Math 472: Numerical Linear Algebra

MATH 480: History of Mathematics

MATH ---: Elementary Probability and Statisitics (old slide shows)

MATH 303: Scientific Computing(old course)

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