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NOSH: The North American Organization of Scottish Historians

Objectives: We organized in January 2008 to bring together those interested in the study of Scotland who live on the North American Continent

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Call for Papers!

We are looking for panelists for Sixteenth Century Studies and for NACBS for the fall. We’d love to promote more Scottish panels. Please contact if you have any questions or ideas or panels!


The NOSH Conference is upon us! Coming very soon - March 8, 9, 10, combined with the Knox at 500 Conference at Montreat, NC. Hope to see you there!   Check out info here: 

Conference papers from the NOSH conference may result in a special edition of Scotia... details to follow

Keep in mind the Eighteenth Century Studies Conference as well!

If you would like to organize a panel for any other conference, please contact and we can get it up on the web-site!



The Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies is looking for excellent articles touching on any aspect of Scotland, including history and literature.  The journal Scotia is affiliated with NOSH and looks forward to reading more articles from NOSH members


The Membership application can be found here: Membership Application 2014

Our Membership Secretary is Janay Nugent.

 PAY BY PAYPAL here! Or send in a check.

Nosh Memberships Options

Full Membership with Scotia $25.00
Associate Membership (non-North Americans) $20.00
Associate Membership with Scotia $30.00

Please fill out an application and email to Janay at or to if you are submitting your membership via PayPal!

Current Officers:

President & Treasurer, Kristen Walton

Vice President, Ed Furgol

Membership Secretary, Janay Nugent

Board Members:


Bill Rodner, Editor, Scotia



Certificate of Incorporation

NOSH is formally affiliated with

Scotia, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies as well as with the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference: SCSC

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** This is not the permanent site, but one which will be much more professional in the near future!

NOSH is recognized as a 501(c)3 Non-profit under the US Tax code as of April 2011