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PSYC 101: General Psychology


PSYC 300: Developmental Psychology


PSYC 320: Psychology of Infancy and Childhood


PSYC 321: Psychology of Adolescence


PSYC 375: Psychology and the Law

Independent Study

 PSYC 490/497

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Lance C. Garmon, Ph.D

Office: 306 Holloway Hall
Fax: 410-548-2056


Welcome to my departmental homepage. Here I hope to provide you with some basic information about my background and current interests. Please refer to the links on the left side of this page for specific information related to such things as the courses I teach.




  • Primary Areas of Interest

    • Emerging Adulthood Challenges and Changes (for those aged 18-25)

      • Incidence of Problem Behaviors, including Tobacco Use

      • Long-term Effects of the Death of a Peer

      • 1st Generation College Students

    • The Development of Moral Reasoning

    • Attachment Bonds to Parents, Peers, and Romantic Partners

    • Adolescents and Media Understanding/Influences

    • Psychology and the Law