Interactive Time Line of the Financial Crisis
Three rules that will help you protect you from the meltdown - John F. Wasik
Financial Crisis Buzzwords - explanation of the finance terms you encounter in the media
18 Tough questions about the bailout - how the bailout affects individuals
Wall street fallout - how does the crisis affect you

Relevant documents regarding the Financial Crisis 2008

MIT's Andrew Lo "Reading about the Financial Crisis: a 21 book review"
NYTimes Goldman Sachs & Financial Crisis "Internal Emails"
Yale Univ's Gorton & Metrick's "Getting up to Speed on the Financial Crisis: A One Weekend Reader’s Guide"
Mark Adelson's "The Deeper Causes of the Financial Crisis–Mortgages Alone Cannot Explain It"
Dr. Aaron S. Edlin's article, "Dr. StrangeLoan: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Financial Collapse", published by the
Berkeley Electronic press, September 2008

Dr. Aaron S. Edlin's article, "Questioning the Treasury’s $700 Billion Blank Check: An Open Letter to Secretary Paulson", published by the
Berkeley Electronic press, September 2008

Dr. Dwight Jaffee, Mark Perlow "Investment Banking Regulation After Bear Stearns" published by the Berkeley Electronic press, September 2008


The last mystery of the financial crisis, Yahoo Finance, June 21, 2013
Total global losses from financial crisis, $15 Trillion, WSJ blog, Oct 1, 2012
Home prices seem far from bottom NY Times, Oct 15, 2008
Is it 1929 again? Washington Post, Oct 6, 2008
WaMu becomes biggest bank to fail in US history, Yahoo, Sept 26, 2008
JP Morgan's disclosure documents on WaMu purchase, Sept 25, 2008
7 Questions About the $700 Billion Bailout, Time magazine, Sept 24, 2008
How We Became the United States of France, Time magazine, Sept 21, 2008

CBS 60 minutes full investigation of the financial crisis
CBS 60 minutes - Credit Default Swaps explained, Oct 26, 2008
PBS "Inside the meltdown" - investigation of dramatic meltdown of the US financial system, Feb 17, 2009
PBS Frontline documentary "Ten Trillion and counting" - tracing the politics of mounting US debt, May 24, 2009
PBS Frontline documentary "Breaking the bank" - inside story of dramatic fall of Bank of America, June 16, 2009
PBS Frontline documentary "The Warning" - how the warnings were missed, Oct 20, 2009
PBS "The Untouchables" - why Wall St executives have not been prosecuted for the financial crisis, Jan 22, 2013
PBS Frontline documentary "Money, Power and Wall Street" - 4 part series on rescue & repair the US economy, April 24, 2013
Revolving door controversy and opacity of Fed transcripts "Dylan Ratigan show"


WBOC TV interviews in October, 2008

Bellevance Honors Program Lecture Series, Current Financial Crisis Presentation, Sept 23, 2008

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