Looking Downstream:  Discovering a River in Need

In the last half of the twentieth century, the world has witnessed an astounding growth in the environmental movement.  While the Wicomico River never caught on fire, and no battles have been fought in court over its various plant and animal species, it has nonetheless shared in the twentieth century world's environmental degradation, and recently, in attempts to reverse this legacy.  These final four chapters discuss various aspects of the Wicomico River's health, and how human choices have shaped the river with which we now live, and how historically recent decisions to rehabilitate, restore, and conserve various aspects of the Wicomico have fared thus far.

Chapter Ten: Industrial Pollution Along the Wicomico River

Chapter Eleven: Dissolved Oxygen Content and its Consequences on the Wicomico River

Chapter Twelve: The River's Real Residents

Chapter Thirteen:  Conservation: An Idea is Born

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