Independent Final Projects

Titles of Final Projects for Geographic Information Science (GEOG 319) - Fall 2014

Instructed by Dr. Michael Scott, Department of Geography and Geosciences at Salisbury University

Nicole Brown
– Correlation of Student Test Scores and Teachers’ Salary in Maryland

Maggie Cummings – Evaluation of Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex Expansion Alternatives

Jenel D’Alessandro – Sea Turtle Stranding Patterns in Volusia vs. Pinellas County, FL

Grace Erisman – Forest Fire Vulnerability in Trinity County, CA

Matt Farace – Red Tide Impacts in South Florida

Devon Flickinger – Tsunami Impact on the Island of Kauai, HI

Thomas Giebel – Impact of Frostburg, MD 1998 Tornado Path on Salisbury, MD

Chris Kephart – Impact of Land Use on Mangroves in Dade County, FL

Suzanne Ketcham – Sea-level Rise in Norfolk, VA and its Impact on Land Use, Roads, and Population

Logan Lee – Proposal to Create a “Golden Mile” in Downtown Salisbury

Abby Matta – Analysis of Land Use Patterns Behind Dams in Wicomico County

Todd Mignosa

Darin Mister

Katherine Pauer – Sea Turtle Nesting Sites vs. State Conservation Priorities in FL

Elizabeth Peek

Scott Purdy – Optimal College Student House Location in Salisbury

JJ Ruth

Jeff Smith – Flood Vulnerability of Baltimore County, MD

Mychael Smith – Watershed Modeling in Carroll County, MD

Tyler Walston – Suitable Land Use for Atlantic White Cedar Restoration in Worcester County

Tyler Wilson – Safe Routes through Baltimore City


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