Associate Professor


Mark de Socio

Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Office:  157-G Henson

Telephone:  +1 410 543 6461
Fax:  +1 410 548 4506





Dr. Mark de Socio is Associate Professor of Geography at Salisbury University. He studies economic and political forces that shape, and are shaped by, the physical and social landscapes of urban and rural areas. His research has primarily concentrated on networks of business and social leaders who actively shape urban and rural landscapes through economic activities, policy-making, or both. Such networks are very dynamic; the compositions of these networks are marked by local economic genealogy, the dynamism of global capitalist competition, and attendant social changes. He is currently exploring the impacts of corporate mergers and acquisitions on business community structures and urban regimes. Beyond networks and regime theory, other current projects include an exploration of the changing location patterns of Minor League Baseball teams in relation to their Major League affiliates, and exploring the geopolitics of the federal J-1 Summer Work Travel Program in Ocean City, Maryland. He has published research in various academic journals including Antipode, Regional Studies, Journal of Urban Affairs, and Growth & Change. He serves on the editorial boards of The Professional Geographer and The Arab World Geographer, and is a past-chair of the Middle Atlantic Division of the Association of American Geographers (MAD-AAG).

He received his Ph.D. (Geography) from the University of Cincinnati, M.S. (Geography) from the University of Alabama, and B.S. (Political Science) from Towson University. Originally from Baltimore, he previously taught at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, before returning to Maryland to teach for Salisbury University. His teaching duties at Salisbury include Economic Geography, Urban Geography, Political Geography, The Geography of Sport, and World Geography: Africa and the Americas.


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