Thomas Tomcho, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: Holloway Hall 312
Telephone: 410-677-0132

Institutions Attended

  • MIRECC Geropsychology Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
    • Geriatric Medical—Psychological Illness Comorbidity Research
      University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Clinical Internship - Clinical Psychology, VA Medical Center (APA-accredited), Syracuse, NY
  • Ph.D.  Clinical Psychology, Syracuse University (APA-accredited)
       Concentration in Family Development
  • M.S.  Clinical Psychology, Syracuse University
  • M.S. Human Resources Administration, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
        Specialization: Organizational Behavior/Managerial Leadership
  • M.S.  Counselor Education, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
        Certification: Pennsylvania Secondary School Counseling
  • B.S.  Health and Physical Education, Marywood University, Scranton, PA
        Certification: Pennsylvania Teaching Instructional I, K-12

Areas of Interest

  • Teaching:

             Psy 101 Introductory Psychology

                Psy 300 Developmental Psychology

                Psy 304 Research Methods II

                Psy 360 Clinical/Counseling Psychology

                Psy  490 Individual Directed Study


    Teaching Effectiveness Research:  (a) determining what teaching approaches work best for which psychology areas as assessed by which types of learning outcomes; and (b) examining how researchers assess or evaluate what effective teaching is.

     Social Interaction Research:  (a) examining how social cognitions are related to social identity; and (b) studying how ritualized social interactions can influence relational functioning and health care behaviors.

    Student Involvement is an Important Component:

    Four to eight bright, promising, and dedicated students work with me each semester on a range of research projects. Each spring several students working in teams present the research they are working on at the Salisbury University Student Research Conference. Students are required to complete an application and interview prior to potential participation. Students generally are required to have completed either a statistics or research methods course prior to applying.
  • Recent Publications

  • Tomcho, T. J., & Foels, R. (in press). Meta-analysis of group learning activities: Empirically-based

         teaching recommendations. Teaching of Psychology, 39

    Tomcho, T. J., & Foels, R. (2009). The power of teaching activities: Statistical and methodological

         recommendations. Teaching of Psychology, 36, 96-101.

    Tomcho, T. J., Rice, D., Foels, R., Folmsbe, L., Vladescu, J., Lissman, R., Matulewicz, R., & Bopp, K. (2009). APA’s

           research methods and statistics learning objectives: A multimethod analysis. Teaching of Psychology, 36, 84


    Tomcho, T. J., & Foels, R. (2008). Assessing effective teaching of psychology: A meta-analytic integration of

          learning outcomes. Teaching of Psychology, 35, 286-296

    Tomcho, T. J., Foels, R., Rice, D., Johnson, J., Moses, T. P., Warner, D., Wetherbee, R., & Amalfi, T. (2008). A review

         of Teaching of Psychology teaching strategies: Links to students’ scientific inquiry skills development. Teaching

        of Psychology, 35,147-159.