Bayesian Methods for Management and Business: Errata

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19 "as β increases, the distribution shifts to the right." should read "as β increases, the distribution shifts to the left." (Gary McDonald)
29 Exercise 9: the lower limit of integration should be zero and the upper limit of integration should be 1. (Author)
45 "In words, the posterior distribution of μ has location-scale t-distribution with mean μ" right after Equation (3.13) should read "In words, the posterior distribution of μ has location-scale t-distribution with mean y-bar" (Rachel Oakley)
57 Exercise 4: Replace 'Your prior mean for daily revenue is $3 and your prior precision for daily revenue is 0.00001' with 'The flat priors of (3.9) and (3.10) seem reasonable'. (Author)
57 Exercise 5: The expression lambda_Agriculture - lambda_Manufacturing is repeated twice. Replace the second of these with lambda_Transport - lambda_Manufacturing. (Author)
87 In the denominator of Equation (4.14), p(θ^(s-1) should be p(θ^(s-1)) (Gary McDonald)
90 In the denominator of the second ratio appearing in (4.15), there should be one closing parenthesis at the end instead of two. (Gary McDonald)
90 Some of the (i-1) superscripts are incorrect. Please see a picture here with the corrections (also the previous correction regarding two parentheses has been fixed here). (Gary McDonald and Author)
92 Exercise 4: After the first sentence, add 'Also, modify the relevant line of code so that propmove <- propmove - 10'. (Author)
113 Approximately 2/3rds of the way down the page, "provide additional evidence about for the viability" should read "provide additional evidence about the viability". (Gary McDonald)
114 1st line above Figure 5.10, for consistency with Table 5.5 change mulpost code to read

mulpost <- rnorm(10000, 0.383, 0.0642)

(Rachel Oakley)
118 On line 3 "width" should read "height". (Gary McDonald)
118 On line 5 "no7t" should read "not". (Gary McDonald)
129 On line 13 "goes from 1 to years" should read "goes from 1 to holders". (Rachel Oakley)
168 At bottom a few lines up from last line two instances of "Figure 6.12)" should read "Figure 6.12" (no parenthesis). (Gary McDonald)
168 Second line from bottom, "see that before" should read "see that after". (Gary McDonald)
182 Line 9, "center in Figure 7.1" should read "center in Figure 7.2". (Gary McDonald)
182 Line 16, "partially reflects internal" should read "partially reflects the internal". (Author)
187 Line 16 from bottom, "can be sometimes be" should read "can sometimes be". (Gary McDonald)
202 Line 3, "different from if" should read "different than if". (Gary McDonald)
204 Line 16 at the end of the line, "to a to a" should read "to a". (Gary McDonald)
215 (Exercise 2 was erroneously repeated from Chapter 5.) (Author)
224 Remove two vertical bars from code listing line 9 to read

b[j] ~ dnorm(0, tau.b)

A curious error since these bars create boldface formatting and this formatting does work for the sigma.b code in this code listing.
(Gary McDonald)
237 Fourth line from bottom, "about $5600 per year" should read "about $5200 per year". (Rachel Oakley)
(Page numbers marked with above were formerly incorrect.) (Gary McDonald)
Thanks very much for the helpful corrections!