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Welcome to Kathleen Shannon's web, a collection of sites to support my teaching, research, service and other interests. If you are interested in mathematical patterns; cellular automata; computer graphics; visualization of abstract concepts, in particular abstract algebra; Pascal's triangle; tilings; or just neat pictures, try the PascGalois Project link. If you are interested in courses, syllabi, assignments, etc. or college level mathematics instruction in general, try the courses link. Otherwise, feel free to just browse . . .

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Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Brown University awarded May, 1985
M.Sc. in applied mathematics from Brown University awarded June, 1981
B.A. in mathematics and physics from the College of the Holy Cross May, 1980
Major area for doctoral qualifying exams: numerical analysis, numerical methods of solving differential equations, approximation and interpolation.
Minor Areas: real analysis and Hilbert spaces, classical and modern control systems.

Thesis area: convex sets and the geometry of computation. Some relationships between planar convex sets and their support functions are explored. In particular, a limit of Lemoine processes leading to the Steiner Point is presented and generalized to non-convex sets and collections of lines.

Thesis advisor: P.J. Davis, Ph.D., Brown University

Current Positions at Salisbury University:

Professor of Mathematics: 1999 - present

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