Project News
  • PascGalois Zn Version 1.1.1 Released
  • PascGalois JE Version 2.5.1 Released
  • Primus Publication - Discovering Binomial Identities with PascGaloisJE by Tyler Evans.
  • New Algebra Lab - Exploiting Symmetry in Pascal's Triangle Modulo a Prime by Tyler Evans
  • New Exploration Sequence - Six new explorations for Number Theory by Michael Fisher.

  • Image Galleries - Images produced by the PascGalois JE and the Pascal GT programs.
  • Animation Galleries - Animated GIF files and AVI movies that were produced from image sequences that were created by either the PascGalois JE or the Pascal GT programs.

Images & Animations

These image and animation galleries contain some of the possible images and image sequences that can be produced by either the PascGalois JE or the Pascal GT programs. The image sequences were composed into single animation files by either a gif sequencer or the AVI Composer program, which can be found on the application downloads page.

  • PascGalois JE - A platform independent program developed for the exploration of one and two dimensional cellular automata over finite group structures.
  • PascGalois JE - Applets - A series of applets developed from the PascGalois JE program.
  • Pascal GT - The original cellular automata explorer developed by Dr. Kathleen Shannon.

Other Software Packages

In addition to the main programs and applets there are several other applications that can be downloaded. First, each applet has an associated platform independent program that can be downloaded and run on the user's local computer. There is also the AVI Composer which is a simple Windows based application that will take a sequence of BMP, PNG or PPM files and create an AVI video file.

Classroom Resources
  • Abstract Algebra Labs - Abstract Algebra exploration labs for use with the PascGalois JE application or applet series.
  • Mathematics for Elementary Education Explorations - Explorations developed for a Mathematics for Elementary Education course.
  • Number Theory - Explorations developed for an undergraduate course in number theory.

Classroom Resources

The labs that use the PascGalois JE applets are similar to those that use the PascGalois JE application. The difference is that the applet versions embed the applets within the lab so there is no need to download the PascGalois JE application. Furthermore, the applets were constructed to display only the necessary options and hence make them easier to use than the full application.

NSF Support

The PascGalois Project was made possible through two grants from the National Science Foundation, DUE-0087644 and DUE-0339477.

Articles of Interest