Physical Science 101

Physical Science 101 Syllabus: (Spring 2008) - The purpose of this course is to introduce students to fundamental concepts of  physical sciences. The course will empahsize practical applications, especially those that intergrate all of the natural sciences. The material we will be  covering is fascinating and applicable. Its implications can be observed in almost everything you interact with every day. Plus, it may be hard to believe, the material is fun too! No, really...I'll convince you it is!

Homework Assignments: We are keeping a listing of your current homework assignments and their respective due dates. Plus, we will include any extra hints and/or changes to the assignment. You should look at these pages at least once a week.

Presentations:  Powerpoint presentations are used during the course. I will provide web copies of these as the semester progresses.

Exam Reviews: Hopefully, before each exam a copy of the practice exam will be posted on the web. Here are a collection of “sample exams” that you should try to work through before each exam. You should then go over all of these samples again before the comprehensive final exam.


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