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Physics 123 - Syllabus: Physics 123 is the second semester of a two semester introductory physics course (PHYS 121/123) aimed primarily at students majoring in sciences *other* than chemistry or physics. A comfortable working knowledge of algebra is required to study the broad area of physics such as; electricity and magnetism, harmonic motion and waves, optics, and light. While it satisfies General Education group IIIA, it is *not* recommended for students majoring in non-science disciplines.

Physics 123 Lecture Notes: These are the notes and materiials I expect to cover during the semester. These notes are provided for your studying pleasure, but they are *not* meant to replace the in class lecture or laboratory experiments.

Physics 123 Unit Assignments: These are the homework, quiz, and exam assignments that will be handed out during the semester. The due dates and problems might be amended and changed, so make sure you have the current assignment.

Physics 123 Test Reviews: During the semester I will post exam reviews that will help guide you in your study efforts. These reviews are *not* meant to replace your own studying, nor do they imply what *will* or *will not* be on the tests. Study your notes, work example problems, and start over. Only use the test review as a reminder of what could be on the exam material.

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