Interactive Maps of Property Values in Denton, MD, 2010

The goal of this exercise was to create an interactive map of 2010 parcel values by acre in Denton, MD.
Every student was assigned the same property data and were able to choose additional contextual data
such as road centerlines, trees, etc. Each parcel should include a roll-over with the owner and parcel value

The data for these maps were processed in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1.
They were rendered and exported in TileMill 0.10.1 and uploaded to MapBox for hosting.









Roxanne Alban


Zach Boyer


John Buppert

Paul Byerly


Matt Caddenhead


Stephanie D'Anna

William Eichhorn


Kathryn Hickey


James Janis

Andrew Kratzmeier


Reid Landis


Charles Morrison

Adam Phipps-Dickerson


Kyle Redden



Matt Salkey

Ashley Samonisky


Tyler Savoye


Jeff Smith

Waverly Thompson


Chris Truitt


Meghan Washington

Tyler Wilson


Collin Woodyard








These maps were created by the students in GEOG 320 (Cartographic Visualization)
during Fall 2014. Please note the individual pages for author credit.

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