Michael S. Scott, PhD

"Geography is where it's at!"

Department of Geography and Geosciences
Henson School of Science and Technology
Salisbury University

Latitude: 38° 20' 54.65" N
Longitude: 75° 36' 9.36" W

Altitude: 26.7 ft MSL

Office: Henson Science Hall 157P (Interactive Campus Map)
Office Hours: TR 10:45a - 12p, 1 - 2p
Fall 2015 Schedule
Phone: 410-543-6456
Email: msscott@salisbury.edu

Course Information - Fall 2014

Intro to GIScience (GEOG 319)

Geospatial Revolution Project

The Exponential Age

Independent Final Projects

Cartographic Visualization (GEOG 320)

            Interactive Maps of Denton, Maryland (with MapBox and TileMill)

                Animated Maps of Tornado Seasonality

                Independent Final Projects

GIS and Public Administration (GEOG 630)

All course materials contained in MyClasses.salisbury.edu

Course Offerings

Intro to GIScience (GEOG 319) - offered every semester

Cartographic Visualization (GEOG 320) - next offered Fall 2012

Environmental Hazards (GEOG 403) - next offered Fall 2013

Advanced Geographic Information Science (GEOG 519) - offered every Summer

GIS and Public Administration (GEOG 630) - offered every Fall

GIS Co-Operative Project (GEOG 640) - offered every Spring

All course materials contained in MyClasses.salisbury.edu

Independent Study Students

Other Course Information

Geography of the Caribbean (GEOG 399)

            Walking Tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (PDF)

            Videos to accompany the Walking Tour


Service to Community

Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative

Personal Stuff

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