COSC 120 Computer Science I (Fall 2020)

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The first course for students interested in computer programming, which involves solving problems by designing, implementing, and testing algorithm. Implementation will be done in the high-level language C++. Emphasis throughout the course is on problem solving and learning to develop computer programs that are readable, well-documented, efficient, and correct. (Three hours lecture and two hours lab per week.)

Required textbook

Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects, 9th edition by Gaddis. ISBN 0134498372, ISBN-13 9780134498379

Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects 9th edition 9780134498379 0134498372

Grading policy (subject to change):

Your final letter grade will be based on the standard formula (0 <= F < 60,   60 <= D < 70,   70 <= C< 80,   80 <= B < 90,   90 <= A <= 100) AND THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT RULES:

Lab policy: 

Cell phone policy: 


Lecture attendance policy: 

Attendance is an extremely important part of this course. Poor attendance will be penalized by up to 5-10% of your final grade.

Make-up policy: 

Make-up exams for lecture are only allowed in extreme circumstances and should be approved by the instructor prior to the actual exam date. This policy is not negotiable.

Late work policy: 

Late work for both lecture and lab will be penalized 50%. Work handed in more than 5 days late will not be accepted and will be given a score of 0 points. This policy is not negotiable.

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