Dr. Xiaohong (Sophie) Wang's Teaching


Spring 2021
COSC 220 Computer Science II
COSC 425/426 Software Engineering

Courses Taught

COSC 116 Introduction to Computer Systems
COSC 117 Programming Fundamentals
COSC 120 Computer Science I
COSC 220 Computer Science II
COSC 320 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
COSC 330 OO Design Patterns, GUI and Event-driven Programming
COSC 350 System Software
COSC 380 Internship
COSC 385 Directed Study
COSC 390 Undergraduate Research
COSC 422 Programming languages
COSC 432 Compiler Construction
COSC 425 Software Engineering I
COSC 426 Software Engineering II
COSC 450 Operating Systems
COSC 495
Directed Consulting