Certified Analytics Professional

Individuals receiving the CAP certification have successfully demonstrated knowledge on topics such as Business Problem Framing, Analytics Methodology, and Model Deployment. I am one of the first Certified Analytics Professionals to be accredited on the Eastern Shore.

Past Consulting

  • The U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2005.
  • The U.S. Bureau of the Census/Booz Allen, 2002. Click here for a Census Bureau map of Salisbury.
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 2001.

  • Academic Positions and Memberships (Selected)

  • Editorial Review Board - Journal of International Business Studies - 2009--2010.
  • Elected Member - International Statistical Institute - 2006--present.
  • Regular Member - American Statistical Association - 1998--present.
  • Regular Member - INFORMS - 1999--present.
  • Regular Member - Decision Sciences Institute - 1999--2007.
  • Regular Member - Academy of International Business - 2007--present.

  • Software

  • BUGS Utility for Spreadsheets

  • Visiting Scholar

    During July-October 2011, Dr. Lopez Martin of the University of Granada came to Salisbury University as a visiting scholar to collaborate with me on research involving heavy-tailed statistical distributions. Here we are taking a break outside her office.

    Fun Stuff
    I enjoy many kinds of music, and I even make some of my own. I've also built a few musical instruments called MidiBoxes. Here's a picture of a partially built Neve mic pre-amp I'm working on.
    Resized JPEG graphic
    Currently musically powered by Earbits - check 'em out!

    I have also been experimenting with 3D printing. Recently the bracket on my car Sirius/XM satellite radio broke. I designed and 3D printed this replacement bracket. It works!

    Resized JPEG graphic