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Amanda Rocker
2019-present (with Dr. Tami Ransom ENVR)
Thesis proposal: Population monitoring of Spotted Turtles
Hannah Small
Thesis: Population size estimation and the effects of habitat on state-endangered Eastern Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) in MD and DE
Eaqan Chaudhry
2017-2019 (with Dr. Tami Ransom ENVR)
Thesis: Community ecology of endangered Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata) and other turtle species
Stephanie Lamb
2015-2017 (with Dr. Tami Ransom ENVR)
Thesis: Population size, habitat preferences, and genetic diversity of endangered Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata)
Alexa Grant
Thesis title: Differential survival and movements of two color morphs of Plethodon cinereus
2016-present (with Dr. Tami Ransom ENVR)
Factors affecting detectability and mark-recapture population estimation of turtle species 2019: Maggie Kinsella, Cheyenne Woppman, Amanda Rocker, Matthew Houlihan
2018: Karsin Bachran, Jessica Bitondo, Amanda Ellen, Michael Bowman Ashley Gray, Derik Rodgers
2016-2017: Danielle Ortmann, Kelly Morsey, Paige Manuel, Sam Utt, Nicole Schiffler, Ian Harrison
Myra Dickey
Henson Summer Research Program; Potential sex-biased dispersal in endangered Spotted Turtles
Manuscript in preparation
Madeline Joyner, Michael Burchett, Shane Johnson, Taylor Walter, Abigail Myers, Megan Jezek, Aimee Dixon & Zoya Shoukat
Genetics of ground-nesting warblers
Manuscript in preparation
Ravyn Saunders, Taylor Naiman Young, Jacob O’Neil, Ryan Tant, Dylan Ferris, Melissa Carson, Jared Novia, Teddy Dunning, Jared Lausen 2013-2015 (with Dr. Tami Ransom)
Habitat & nest success in ground-nesting warblers (manuscript by Ravyn Saunders in review)
Joshua Biddle
Sarina Mossa, Sarah Marcus, Daneya Boyd, Tolani Akindele
Genetic diversity in red-backed
salamanders in Maryland
Eric Kalin, Anne Gatch, Ben Fleming, Jared Lausen, Matt Mignosa, Sabrina Aronis, Andrew Spicer, Colt Hancock, Michelle Schreiber, Madelyn Pettinati, & Maggie Chaney
Mark-recapture and color polymorphism in red-backed salamanders
Christian Kramer & Gina Dolezar
Genetic heterozygosity and growth in juvenile red-backed salamanders