Eric B. Liebgold               Liebgold Lab Research
Our current research focus is on movements of turtles, songbirds, and salamanders. We are especially interested in the interplay of habitat, population sizes, and community composition. In general, my students and I are intent on asking questions about movements, population sizes, and genetic structure in order to understand general concepts and understand species of conservation concern.
         In endangered spotted turtles, we are investigating population connectivity, dispersal, and habitat preferences. This work is done with Dr. Tami Ransom (Environmental Studies Department), and past and present graduate students Amanda Rocker, Stephanie Lamb and Eaqan Chaudhry, and many undergraduate students. For state-endangered tiger salamanders, we are interested in landscape and local habitat effects on breeding populations. In ground-nesting songbirds, we are interested in the causes of fluctuations in genetic structure and the effects of habitat on nest success in different environments.