The End of the Path

 Joe & Mindy's Final Thoughts!!

Oh, Meow!!

You found me!!! I was trying to
hide from you so that I could
jump out at your legs and
surprise you!!

But, no.. you had to finish
looking at the garden tour
and find me. You really should
never ruin a cat's fun like that.
Purrrrr, well I hope you liked
my garden tour. I will be sure
to meow and purrrrr at Joe and
Mindy to let them know that you
took the tour. I hope you enjoyed
the plants, images, and flowers.
Meow, Reow, Ppupuurrrr!

    Time for a nap. We cats have a high metabolism so we need to nap about 23.99  hours out of the 24 hour day. It's tough being a cat sometimes. All this napping gives me a chance to dream about the garden. I can dream about butterflies, butterflies, butterflies,and more butterflies, and birds. I can have nightmares about Joe & Mindy adding some scary yard art to the garden. But, most of all I like to dream about my real innerself - the TIGER!!!!!. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our time meowing and purring together on this tour. Good Night! ZZZZzzZZzZzz!

    Thank You! This is Joe & Mindy this time. We hope everyone enjoyed the garden tour with our cat Kozmo. I bet you didn't know that cats could type and surf the internet? Well, Kozmo is special. She loves the garden and loves to roam around in it and show off her plants and flowers. Please, come back and tour again. Mindy and I will be adding many more pictures to the tour as the summer progresses. Have fun! And may your own garden be lush, green, and beautiful. (Oh, and Kozmo adds, "May your pets and animals be tick and flea free.")

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