Salisbury University - Biological Sciences
Current Research

Larrea (Creosote Bush)
This plant is the long lived dominant desert plant in North and South America. Our lab is addressing questions of hybridization, polyploidy, and secondary metabolites in Larrea. This involves greenhouse grown plants as well as field collected individuals.

Populaton Genetics
Our lab is investigating questions involving population genetic structure in a variety of different organisms and ecosystems.  Collaboration is integral to our population genetic studies. The tools used in these analyses are microsatellites and ISSR markers.

Larrea NDGA

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Spring Peepers

This project is a collaboration with Dr. Ryan Taylor's animal behavior laboratory investigating genetic variability as a factor in call communicated mate selection.

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Ptilimnium nodosum

A federally endangered plant located primarily on the east coast of the US. This project is investigating the genetic fingerprint in one of the two remaining populations in Maryland, located at Sideling Hill Creek.

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Indonesian Birds

A project examining genetic structure of sunbirds on the Wakatobi Islands in Indonesia in collaboration with Dr. Dave Kelly and Dr. Nicola Marples from Trinity College.

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