Computing Readiness for Eastern Shore Teachers (CREST)


Project Objectives


CREST builds upon the existing teacher education programs at SU and brings together a team of CS and education professors

to develop a new degree program Minor in Computer Science Education. It is our expectation that this degree will become an

integral part of regular degree offerings at SU. The development and long term management of this degree program will be

guided by the same general principles that have already been established for the other secondary education programs at SU.

To kick start the program, we will develop a new teaching methods course on CS education: COSC401/501 Methods of

Teaching Computer Science. To better align our program with CS needs at local schools, we will work with our local education

 partners to establish a Computer Science Education Advisory Board consisting of supervisors and teachers from all counties

on the Eastern Shore and academic professionals at local institutions of higher education in this region.

What is NEW?


** Professional Development Workshop on K-12 Computer Science Education will be held on November 8, 2019 at

 Salisbury University (co-hosted by Salisbury University and Maryland Center for Computing Education). Registration

is free and breakfast and lunch will be provided.  If you are a K-12 teacher, an school administrator, or an Eastern Shore

 county Board of Education STEM field related supervisors,  you are invited to participate in this workshop.


Click here for the workshop agenda, and click here for visitor parking permit.



** New Course on Methods of Teaching Computer Science at SU to be offered in Spring 2020. Tuition remission available

for completely this course successfully!! Click here for new course flyer.



More information about CREST


 - COSC 401/501 Methods of Teaching Computer Science (new course to be offered in Spring 2020, click here for tentative syllabus)

 - Eastern Shore Computer Science Education Advisory Committee


 - Teaching Resources:

   0. General CS education for k12

   1. A Brief History of Computer Science:     

    2. Variables
      Role of variables:

    3. Computational thinking


    4. Decomposition

    5. Computer Science Research:


    6. Digital Citizenship Curriculum:


    7. Software testing video: