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COSC 425/426 Software Engineering I/II (Spring/Fall 2024)

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Client Projects:
Course Description:
A study of classical and object‑oriented software engineering principles and methods. Topics include software processes, requirements analysis, design, testing and maintenance, project management and software metrics, process improvement. Agile software development and open-source software development are also covered. There will be a group project. Three hours lecture per week.
Required textbook:
There is NO required textbook for this course. The course materials are mainly selected from the following reference books and some are adopted from journals and over the Internet. All lecture materials will be provided at the course material page.
Reference book:
There is NO reference books for this course.
Projects (weekly evaluation 80% and presentations 10%) and attendance (10%)
Lecture attendance policy:
Attendance is an extremely important part of this course. 10% of the total final grade is for attendance.