Ryan Shifler, Ph.D.

About Me

I am the Associate Dean of the Henson School of Science and Technology and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Salisbury University.

I am interested in quantum Schubert calculus, particularly, the study of quantum cohomology rings of non-homogeneous spaces.


Email: rmshifler [at] salisbury [dot] edu

Office: HS 201B

Curriculum Vitae


Mathematical Research Papers


Bold font indicates student coauthors.

Curve neighborhoods and Combinatorial Conjecture O for a family of odd symplectic partial flag manifolds (with Connor Bean and Bradley Cruikshank), submitted.

Minimum quantum degrees with Maya diagrams, submitted.


Curve neighborhoods of Schubert varieties in the odd symplectic Grassmannian (with Clelia Pech),
        Transformation Groups, to appear.

On the spectral properties of the quantum cohomology of odd quadrics (with Stephanie Warman),
        Involve, a Journal of Mathematics 16 (1), 27-34, 2023.

Minimum quantum degrees for isotropic Grassmannians of types B and C (with Camron Withrow),
        Annals of Combinatorics 26 (2), 453-480, 2022.

On Frobenius-Perron dimension (with Changzheng Li, Mingzhi Yang, and Chi Zhang),
        Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150 (12), 5035-5045, 2022.

Galkin's lower bound conjecture holds for the Grassmannian (with La'Tier Evans, Lisa Schneider, Laura Short, and Stephanie Warman),
        Communications in Algebra 48 (2), 857-865, 2020.

Conjecture O holds for some horospherical varieties of Picard rank 1 (with Lela Bones, Garrett Fowler, and Lisa Schneider),
        Involve, a Journal of Mathematics 13 (4), 551-558, 2020.

Conjecture O holds for the odd symplectic Grassmannian (with Changzheng Li and Leonardo C. Mihalcea),
        Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 51 (4), 705-714, 2019.

Equivariant quantum cohomology of the odd symplectic Grassmannian (with Leonardo C. Mihalcea),
        Mathematische Zeitschrift 291 (3-4), 1569-1603, 2019.

Expository Articles

Faculty writing groups for mathematicians (with Joseph Anderson, Jathan Austin, Yaping Jing, Lisa Schneider, and Sarah Wesolowski),
        MAA Focus (October/November 2018).